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The Movie - Nobody's Children

Leads the ratings - Nobody's Children movie

Movie Issued - in 1940.

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The movie was inspired by 'Walter White Jr.' (qv)'s radio program, "Nobody's Children," which broadcast from orphanages in an attempt to locate homes for orphans.
Copyright Holder: Columbia Pictures Corp.; 24 October 1940; LP10027 (in copyright registry)
Production Dates: 15 July 1940 - 27 July 1940
Certificates: USA:Approved, USA:TV-G
Color Info: Black and White
Countries: USA
Genres: Drama
Languages: English
Runtimes: 64
Sound Mix: Mono
Tech Info: MET:, OFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, PFM:35 mm, RAT:1.37 : 1
Release Dates: USA:17 October 1940, USA:12 December 1940

In movie played:

Stanley Brown (actor)
Death Notes: West Los Angeles, California, USA (natural causes)
Birth Notes: Calgary, Canada
Death Date: 29 September 2001
Spouse: 'Lorraine McCall' (5 July 1997 - 29 September 2001) (his death), 'Ruth F. Brown' (c. 1946 - c. 1994) (her death)
Birth Date: 18 August 1914

Freddie Chapman (actor)

Jimmy Crane (actor)
Birth Notes: San Francisco, California, USA
Birth Date: 4 October 1933

Joel Davis (actor)
Other Works: In 1944-45, he play David Nelson by radio's "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet." He be replace near Tommy Bernard, who cause the role until 1949 when the real-life David Nelson start on portray himself.

Edward Earle (actor)
Death Notes: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Canadian resourceful Edward Earle be born inside Toronto next to July 16, 1882, and was raise and school in that. His period job take fashion in Canada near an precipitate prominence on melodious the witty subdivision, and he after that tour in vaudeville and pigs in institute with Belasco, 'DeWolf Hopper Sr.' (qv), 'Marie Cahill' (qv) and the Schuberts, among other staged illuminaries. Making his Broadway debut in the comedy "The Triumph of Love" in 1904, his employment on the stage over and done with incident lead to graphic parts in 1914. Earle enter via the Edison film ensemble and emerge a name not long-standing after, distinguishing himself at other studios in place of capably, equally with Vitagraph, Famous Players, Metro, Warners and Columbia, with a tally of over 400 taciturn and discussion films via the time he retire four decades later. Tawny blond, blue-eyed, big and with a clean-cut handsomeness, Earle was a unprocessed in arm of dashing, optimist silent film lead. He gain early film distinction starring in Edison's "Olive's Opportunities" one-reeler array paired disparate 'Mabel Trunnelle' (qv) in 1914 and 1915. Adding gash and dash to such silents as _Ranson's Folly (1915)_ (qv), a western also showcasing Ms. Trunelle; _The Innocence of Ruth (1916)_ (qv); _The Light of Happiness (1916)_ (qv) and _The Gates of Eden (1916)_ (qv), all opposite a rapid 'Viola Dana' (qv), he go on to clothing in the air everything from stalwart time of war drama (_For France (1917)_ (qv)) to detective fresh comedy (_The Blind Adventure (1918)_ (qv)). From 1917 through 1919, he and 'Agnes Ayres' (qv) enjoy super glory in a series of two-reeler shorts base on the works of O. Henry. Earle venture into the 1920s with such pleasing to the eye big blind showcase as _East Lynne (1921)_ (qv), _False Fronts (1922)_ (qv) and _The Dangerous Flirt (1924)_ (qv), but consequently unequivocal to hesitate into second leads and support role, which including the 'George Arliss' (qv) starrer _The Man Who Played God (1922)_ (qv), the 'Marie Prevost' (qv) comedy _How to Educate a Wife (1924)_ (qv), irrelevant 'Baby Peggy' (qv)'s showcase _The Family Secret (1924)_ (qv), 'Colleen Moore (I)' (qv)'s comedy romance _Irene (1926)_ (qv), the 'John Gilbert (I)' (qv)/'Joan Crawford (I)' (qv) deep-sea legend _Twelve Miles Out (1927)_ (qv), and 'Conrad Nagel' (qv)'s factor talking veto tale _Kid Gloves (1929)_ (qv). Come the advent of murmur Earle was offered role parts and by the shutting of the pre-Code talkies juncture was relegate to little and unbilled unneeded parts in 'Shirley Temple' (qv), Laurel and Hardy and Marx Bros. flick. He prolonged to emerge for the duration of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s and tend to be more detectable in oaters and serial cliffhangers. Extremely active with a daredevil insight, he try his mitt as an ocular artist, aviator and automobile race motor driver. Retiring in the early 1960s, Earle eventually retired to the Woodland Hills, California Motion Picture Country Home, where on earth he passed towards the external complications of out-of-date age at age 90 in 1972.
Height: 6'
Birth Notes: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Death Date: 15 December 1972
Birth Date: 16 July 1882

Charles Flickinger (actor)
Death Notes: Medford, Oregon, USA
Birth Notes: Whittier, California, USA
Death Date: 21 November 1998
Birth Date: 15 January 1929

William Forrest (actor)
Death Notes: Santa Monica, California, USA (heart failure)
Birth Notes: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Death Date: 26 January 1989
Birth Date: 10 October 1902

Joel Friedkin (actor)
Death Notes: Burbank, California, USA
Birth Notes: Russia
Death Date: 19 September 1954
Birth Date: 15 May 1885

William Gould (actor)
Death Notes: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Death Date: 15 May 1969
Birth Date: 2 May 1886

Ruddy Hartz (actor)

Russell Hicks (actor)
Death Notes: Los Angeles, California, USA (heart attack)
Tall, distinguished-looking Russell Hicks appear in almost 300 films in his beyond 40-year import (although his gap agreed peak air be in 1915, he enjoy screenwriting credit by the run through of vehicle of precipitate as 1913, as a consequence it's hard-headed his screen debut was more hurriedly than credited). His scholarly deportment, grandfatherly appearance and appeasing, resonant voice be surefire all for the common herd armed forces officer, attorneys, courts and camaraderie executive he excel at playing. He was extremely captivating in an atypical role as slippery, fast-talking phony-stock salesman J. Frothington Waterbury in the 'W.C. Fields' (qv) classic _The Bank Dick (1940)_ (qv). Hicks made his ending put on spectacle in 1956, and die the subsequent year.
Birth Notes: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Other Works: Active on Broadway in the following productions:, The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (1954). Drama. Written by Herman Wouk. Based on the novel "The Caine Mutiny" by 'Herman Wouk' (qv). Directed by 'Charles Laughton' (qv). Plymouth Theatre: 20 Jan 1954- 22 Jan 1955 (415 performances). Cast: 'Henry Fonda' (qv) (as "LT Barney Greenwald"), 'John Hodiak' (qv) (as "LT Stephen Maryk"), 'Lloyd Nolan' (qv) (as "LCDR Philip Francis Queeg"), 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv) (as "Captain Blakely"), Herbert Anderson, Larry Barton, Paul Birch, Jim Bumgarner, Stephen Chase, Richard Farmer, 'Eddie Firestone' (qv) (as "SM3 Junius Urban"), Robert Gist, John Huffman, T.H. Jourdan, 'Charles Nolte' (qv) (as "LTjg Willis Seward Keith"), Richard Norris, Ainslie Pryor, Greg Roman, Pat Waltz. Produced by Paul Gregory., On Borrowed Time (1953). Comedy (revival). Written by 'Paul Osborn (I)' (qv). Based on the novel by Lawrence Edward Watkin. Directed by 'Marshall Jamison' (qv). 48th Street Theatre: 10 Feb 1953- 18 Apr 1953 (78 performances). Cast: 'Victor Moore (I)' (qv) (as "Julian Northrup"/"Gramps"), 'Beulah Bondi' (qv) (as "Nellie"/"Granny"), 'Leo G. Carroll' (qv) (as "Mr. Brink"), Larry Barton, Kay Hammond, 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv) (as "Mr. Pilbeam"), Michael Jeffrey, Robert Kaline, Melinda Markey, Gerald Milton, Thayer Roberts, David John Stollery. Produced by Richard W. Krakauer and Randolph Hale. Produced in association with William G. Costin, Jr., Time for Elizabeth (1948). Written by 'Norman Krasna' (qv) and 'Groucho Marx' (qv). Directed by Norman Krasna. Fulton Theatre: 27 Sep 1948- 2 Oct 1948 (8 performances). Cast: Katherine Alexander, John L. Alexander, Leila Bliss, Harlan Briggs, Sheila Bromley, Edward Clark, 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv), Dick Hogan, Ottilie Kruger, 'Otto Kruger' (qv), Eleanor Lawson, Theresa Lyon, 'Leonard Mudie' (qv), Kenneth Patterson. Produced by Russell Lewis and Howard Young., All the King's Horses (1934). Musical/romantic comedy. Book by Frederick Herendeen. Lyrics by Frederick Herendeen. Based on the play "Carlo Rocco" by Lawrence Clarke and Max Giersberg. Music by Edward A. Horan. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett and 'Hans Spialek' (qv). Choreographed by Theodore Adolphus. Directed by 'José Ruben' (qv). Shubert Theatre (moved to The Imperial Theatre from 19 Feb 1934 to close): 30 Jan 1934- 12 May 1934 (120 performances). Cast: Doris Anderson, Frank Augustyn, Virginia Davies, Winnie Duncan, Jack Edwards, Harold Freeman, Frank Greene, 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv) (as "Count Ergard Regitard Batthy"), Gertrude Hogan, Einar Holt, 'Manart Kippen' (qv) (as "A Patron"), Dorothy Koster, Blanche Lytell, Nancy McCord, Howard Morgan, Louis Morrell, Robert O'Conner, Joan Orner, Arthur F. Otto, Naida Pahl, Doris Patston, Guy Robertson, Leonard Rogall, Etna Ross, Helen Ryan, Betty Starbuck, June Tempest, Frances Thress, Andrew Tombes, Mora Vordkin, Edna West. Produced by Harry L. Cort and Charles H. Abramson. Produced by arrangement with E. Steuart-Tavant., The Little Black Book (1932). Comedy/drama. Written by 'Harold Sherman' (qv). Directed by Karl Nielsen. Selwyn Theatre: 26 Dec 1932- Jan 1933 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: 'Jerome Cowan' (qv) (as "Officer Ward"), Audrey Davis, Emma De Weale, Donald Foster, Arthur Griffin, Herbert Heywood, 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv) (as "Henry C. Roland"), 'Jonathan Hole' (qv) (as "H.D. Porter"), Howard Kyle, Douglas MacPherson, Robert Mayors, 'Dodson Mitchell' (qv) (as "Senator Thompson"), Bernie Neary, Clara Palmer, Virginia Stevens. Produced by American Plays and Players, Inc., Nona (1932). Farce/romance. Written by 'Gladys Unger' (qv). Directed by 'Burk Symon' (qv). Avon Theatre: 4 Oct 1932- Oct 1932 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: 'Harlan Briggs' (qv) (as "The Station Master"), Patricia Calvert, Aristides de Leoni, Genevieve Dolaro, Jane Ferrell, Hans Hansen, 'H. Dudley Hawley' (qv) (as "Mr. Compton"), 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv) (as "Lyle D. Armstrong"), Arthur Margetson, John McCloskey, 'Millard Mitchell' (qv) (as "Joe"), 'Oscar Polk' (qv) (as "A Pullman Porter"), Ellen Southbrook, Warren Sterling, Bernard Susman, 'Lenore Ulric' (qv) (as "Nona"). Produced by Peggy Fears/, Torch Song (1930). Written by 'Kenyon Nicholson' (qv). Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 27 Aug 1930- Nov 1930 (closing date unknown/87 performances). Cast: Frank Andrews, 'Reed Brown Jr.' (qv) (as "Howard Palmer"), June Clayworth, 'Hal K. Dawson' (qv) (as "Joe Kramer"), 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv) (as "Carl Loomis"), Pearl Hight, Aphie James, John Junior, Henriette Kaye, 'Guy Kibbee' (qv) (as "Cass Wheeler"), 'Mayo Methot' (qv) (as "Ivy Stevens"), 'Dennie Moore' (qv) (as "Edna Kinsey"), Larry Oliver, Paul Porter. Produced by Arthur Hopkins., Goin' Home (1928). Drama. Written by 'Ransom Rideout' (qv). Directed by 'Antoinette Perry' (qv) and 'Brock Pemberton' (qv). Hudson Theatre: 23 Aug 1928- Oct 1928 (closing date unknown/76 performances). Cast: Ferdinand J. Accooe, Leo Bailey, Charles Benjamin, Charles H. Brown, Barbara Bulgakova, Brevard Burnett, Ralph Cullinan (as "Bill, U.S. Military Police"), Ray Giles, 'Richard Hale (I)' (qv) (as "Israel Du Bois"), 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv) (as "Major Edward Powell of the A.E.F."), John Irwin, Fred H. Jennings, Snippy Mason, J. William Maxwell, Frederick D. McCoy, Thomas Mosely, Arvid Paulson, Seifert C. Pyle, Clarence Redd, Georges Renavent, F. Barclay Trigg, Alexander Zaroubine. Produced by Brock Pemberton., No Trespassing (1926). Comedy. Written by 'John Hunter Booth' (qv). Sam H. Harris Theatre: 7 Sep 1926- Sep 1926 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: 'Juliette Day' (qv), 'Josephine Drake' (qv), 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv), 'Kay Johnson (I)' (qv), 'Nicholas Joy (I)' (qv), 'W.E. Lawrence' (qv), Edwin Nicander, 'Diantha Pattison' (qv), 'C.W. Ritchie' (qv) (as Charles Ritchie), Basil Smith. Produced by 'Hassard Short' (qv)., The Wisecrackers (1925). Comedy. Written by 'Gilbert Seldes' (qv). Directed by 'Clarence Derwent' (qv). Fifth Avenue Theatre: 16 Dec 1925- Dec 1925 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Juliet Brenon, Marlyn Brown, Sarah Claude, Drake De Kay, Arthur Fanson, Ralph Geddis, Kathleen Cooper, Alfred Gross, 'Russell Hicks (I)' (qv) (as "Tony Cooper"), Irene Homer, 'Paul Huber (I)' (qv) (as "Dirk Van Der Hofen"), Mona Kingsley, Martha Lee Manners, Richard Nicholls, Ann Schmidt, Adele St. Maur. Produced by The Fifth Avenue Theatre.
Birth Name: Hicks, Edward Russell
Spouse: 'Virginia Baker' (? - ?), children: 5 daughters
Death Date: 1 June 1957
Birth Date: 4 June 1895

Billy Lee (actor)
Death Notes: Beaumont, California, USA (heart failure)
Billy Lee, whose not clear moniker be William Schlenaker, was born bordered by Nelson, Indiana. As a baby, infantile William lived a serene occurrence against his family's dairy farm, but that all changed when he turned three years infirm. Billy and his parents moved to California nigh on 1933. Billy's parents enrol him, at age 3, in The Meglin School For Kiddies in Los Angeles. The administrator of the seminary, Ethel Meglin, take a outstanding zest in Billy Lee, note, in locate of his parents enjoy, that Billy was a severely magnificent and cooperative youth, fast to swot yawning awake and complete of anticipation. Mrs. Meglin, who was Billy's personal rumba instructor, get Billy Lee started in films via age 4, solely a few months after he was enrolled at the school. Billy's opening role was in a "Little Rascals" squat, "Mike Fright", as himself (as a slap dancer), and he give relatively an gleaming case in spike of his talent. From at hand it was on to Billy's first fact motion effort of art, "Wagon Wheels" (1934), wherein Billy land his first acting role, which his dance instructor, believe in his talent, had him audition in favour of. Billy also have a solo singing cog in the the flicks. This take place when the primary template, plus Randolph Scott, takes turn singing front on the movie's focus ode. So it was that, at age four, young William go from anyone a young Indiana farm boy to Billy Lee, young Hollywood actress. In 1937, Billy Lee appear near familiar child lead singer Bobby Breen in _Make a Wish (1937)_ (qv), playing Breen's dictation advantageous forces camp buddy, "Pee Wee". The two boy recite "Polly Wolly Doodle" as a duet. Billy may be best certain for his starring role in the very exciting 1940 movie _The Biscuit Eater (1940)_ (qv). He unremitting acting through the 1930s, appear in complete 30 movies and method alongside more than a few of Hollywood's finest, including Lon Chaney Jr., Roy Rogers, Charles Boyer, Randolph Scott, Olivia DeHavilland, and Broderick Crawford, to name a short time ago a few. Billy also appeared in a few short subject. One Hal Roach short in individual cast Billy, immediately age 11, in the starring role of "Pinhead" in the 1941 cadenced wit film _Reg'lar Fellers (1941)_ (qv) along with Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer as "Bump". The characters here film be base on the desirable "Reg'lar Fellers" slapstick comedian discard. This film not only provide Billy with a indiscriminate to skip in a lead comedic role but also allowed him to broadcast departed its sell-by date his hitting skill during one musical cipher that had be record by "Billy Lee's Band" according to the credit. In the film, Billy be the only real musician when he is lead by the other kids performing as Pinhead's trimming. Billy also sing the closing song of the film, "Hooray For Fun". Another short where on earth Billy landed the lead was call _War Dogs (1942)_ (qv) (aka "Unsung Heroes"). Billy drama the doting son of his aging, decked out military officer dad, who has turned to bash after his claim to rejoin the resource to assistance in the time of war oblige (WW2) is turned fuzz by the military. Billy's final film disguise come in 1943, when he was 13 (surprise, surprise) in a movie called, _Eyes of the Underworld (1942)_ (qv) in the role of Mickey Bryan, dyed-in-the-wool son of police chief Richard Bryan, play by Richard Dix. After this film, Billy Lee become one of the heaps magnificent young actor who, once reaching his teens, found that leaving from film making was something that was just allotted for you. Billy Lee lived until 1989; he die eight months after his 60th centenary of a quick heart bridle.

James Mackey (actor)

John Marston (actor)

Lee Millar (actor)

Ivan Miller (actor)

Ben Taggart (actor)

Edward Thomas (actor)

Walter White Jr. (actor)

Lloyd Whitlock (actor)

Dorothy Adams (actress)

Georgia Backus (actress)

Georgia Caine (actress)

Janet Chapman (actress)

Nell Craig (actress)

Cynthia Crane (actress)

Mary Currier (actress)

Edythe Elliott (actress)

Edith Fellows (actress)

Mary Gordon (actress)

Jean Hunt (actress)

Sally Martin (actress)

Mira McKinney (actress)

Mary Ruth (actress)

Lillian West (actress)

Lois Wilson (actress)

Evelyn Young (actress)

Irving Briskin (producer)

Jack Fier (producer)

Doris Malloy (writer)

Walter White Jr. (writer)

Benjamin H. Kline (cinematographer)

George Parrish (composer)

Charles Barton (director)

Richard Fantl (editor)

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